A Typical Sunday

We’re here today to cause a stir, gentlemen- if I may call you ‘gentle’.  You’re gentile, maybe, but tonight you sure as Hell aren’t going to be gentle.  It’s going to be rough and it’s going to hurt, but this volcano has got to blow, you understand me?  Of course you do.  You’re here.  I’m here.  And we have forty-five minutes until we start things.

You know the plan, you know the contingencies, but I need to remind you of just a few little things.  It’s the few little things that always end up making the most difference.  Napoleon lost because of them.  We’ve won previously because of them.  And now if you keep focused, we’ll succeed again because of them.  They are:

-keep moving.  No matter what you see, do not turn around, do not stop, and do not engage.  The only exception to this is fellow comrades.  If you find someone fallen or straying off of the path, get their attention and bring them along.  If they refuse to go with you, don’t stop.  Keep moving.

-watch your surroundings.  There will be traps.  When we cross that line people are going to die.  Don’t be one of those people.

-Keep your wits about you and don’t panic.  If you start losing your grip and you’re sure that you’ve gone nuts, hold onto the key that you’ve been given.  Stick to it, rotate it in your hand, rotate it in your mind.  That key is your anchor to sanity.

This is a frightening challenge, make no mistake.  It’s going to be terrifying and like I told you, we’re going to lose some of you along the way.  Don’t abandon your comrades and don’t go right or left.  We go straight!  Pound that into your heads.

Do as you’ve been told and you’ll be okay.  We will come out of this thing on top.  We’re not the first ones, and we won’t be the last, but you’re here now, and right now it’s you.  Hold onto that key.  There will be attempts to take it from you.  Once they cross that line, some even toss theirs away- crazy sons of… well, you get the point.  Remember the little things.  Keep the big picture in the back of your mind.  And may God go with you all.


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