Star-Crossed is Officially Published!

Book 2 in the Starfall Trilogy is officially out today!  Thank you everyone for all of your support for the first book, and for keeping up to date on the writing process.  You can find the book here.  I’m very pleased with how this one turned out, and I hope very much that you enjoy it.  I’m so thankful for all of you, and Happy Reading!

-W.A. Fulkerson



Si Tienes

As is almost always the case, poetry, and all writing, sounds/looks/feels better in the language it was originally written in.  I wrote this in Spanish, and have translated it into English below, but I feel like the meaning only really comes through in the Spanish version.  Take from this what you will, and enjoy.

Si Tienes

Si tienes algo, querida

Lo tendré también

Y si amas alguien

Lo amaré bien

Si pongas tu corazón

Entre mís manos temblorosos

Lo haré el mismo

Y será para ti llevar

Si esperas, también yo

Si rechazas, tampoco, no

Todos tus deseos quiero guarder

Tu querer es mi ordenar

Y si tienes amor

O no lo tienes

Ya lo tengo

Para ti y para mi

(in English)

If you have something, love

Then I will have it too

And if you love someone

Then I will love them too

If you place your heart

Between my trembling hands

I will do the same

And it will be for you to carry

If you hope for something, me too

If you refuse something, I also do

I want to guard all of your best desires

Your wish is my command

And if you have love

Or if you don’t

I already have some

For me and for you




Soliloquy, solemnity

Thy spirit is defamed

Exonerated, exaggerated

Nobility in thy frame

Observed, applauded

In works of Bard the Great

Eloted, emoted

When pressed by hands of fate

Misused, mistaken

That great monologues are known

The tyrant’s truth is

Soliloquy is spoken alone