Si Tuve

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything in Spanish, so I’m doing so today. I love to write in another language from time to time- I find that it frees me up to express thoughts differently than I would in English, and the stylistic influences that hold sway over the work are different as well. (If you speak Spanish- or even if you don’t- and you’ve never read Pablo Neruda, I would highly recommend him to you) As always, I’ve posted a loose translation beneath the original, which, as always, sadly loses a portion of the meaning when translated. Enjoy.

Si Tuve


Si tuve un poder

Sería la habilidad apretarte en mis brazos

Si tuve una espada

Conquistaría a tus enemigos, y guardarte del peligro

Si tuve una barca

Viajaríamos dónde tu querías

Si tuve una mente

La usaría aprender a amarte


Si tuve una corazón

Creo que no podría entenderlo

Porque ha sido roto tantos veces

Que tartamudea cuando habla

Y sus intenciones no siempre están claros


Lo claro es tus ojos

Reflejando la imágen de un hombre vagabundo

Un viajador que ha perdido, llorado, y caído

Cada día de nuevo


Pero repites que tu me amas

Y te creo


Si tuve un nombre

Sería tuyo

Woman in Sunset




If I could have any power

I would have the ability to hold you

If I had a sword

I would beat back your enemies, and keep you from harm

If I had a ship

We would go wherever your heart desired

If I had a mind

I would use it to learn how to love you


If I had a heart

I don’t think I would be able to understand it

See, it’s been broken a lot

And now it stutters when it speaks

It’s intentions aren’t always clear


What’s clear is your eyes

Reflecting the image of a world-weary man

A wanderer who has lost, and mourned, and fallen

Every day anew


Yet you tell me again that you love me

And I believe you


If I had a name

It would be yours


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