First Pages Reveal- Starborn

Hello, dear readers. As always, I want to thank you for reading my blog and supporting my work. This blog has been going for about a year and a half now and has been read in 57 countries worldwide! Pretty exciting stuff, and it couldn’t have happened without you reading and sharing my Wednesday whims.

Today’s post is something I’m eager to share with you. As many of you probably know, the final installment in the Starfall Trilogy is just a couple of weeks from being released. Below is the first two pages. Enjoy!


W.A. Fulkerson

Zinzio’s heart raced as he ran by the rushing waters. He dodged reeds and river plants, succumbing to the ever-increasing urge to hurry. A fire burned deep within him. He could hardly contain it.

The sun shone brightly over the riverside, catching rays in the beads of sweat that formed near Zinzio’s temples. He was young- barely twelve, and yet it had happened. The singing of the birds, the rustling of the leaves, and the smell of the air all passed unnoticed amidst his quiet desperation. He wiped the sweat away from his brow and ran harder.

The coursing river turned northward suddenly, and it cascaded into a calmer pool below. Zinzio hardly slowed down as he reached a steep drop-off and began to climb down the rocks. Spray from the waterfall misted his face as he descended.

Dropping the last few feet to the fertile soil below, Zinzio finally halted, looking at the magnificent sight before him.

The pool at the base of the waterfall was glowing. Such promising, pure light filtered through the water, saturating it from the river’s sandy floor. Zinzio’s young heart was stilled. He could scarcely believe that it was happening.

Without so much as bothering to remove his shirt, the boy began to wade into the remote pool, feeling its water rise up around him as he entered deeper and deeper in, until he could no longer stand. He kept his eyes fixed on the center of the pool, swimming smoothly across the surface as the waterfall crashed and shouted beyond.

Finally surrounded by the luminescence of the pool, Zinzio took a deep breath and dove. His eyes immediately lighted upon his submerged star. In wonder, he kicked to the depths of the water and took the star between his hands.

Everything changed. In an instant there was no water around him. Zinzio felt his arms pulled upward, and surrounded by nothing but complete, enrapturing whiteness, the boy hung suspended in the air, dripping wet. A thousand different thoughts and feelings crowded his heart.

The star hummed pleasantly as it freed itself from Zinzio’s grip and floated several feet away, its light growing in intensity, yet not harming the boy’s eyes. No darkness remained, not even in shadow. A deep and beautiful voice sounded forth.

“Puer amatus, bene fecisti quod stellam tuam invenisti. Elite, et te dono remunerabor.”

Uncertainty filled Zinzio’s young heart, but he knitted his brow and clenched his fists, hoping for the best.

“Donum Lux Sidorum opto!” he called anxiously.

The star continued to hum and drops of water continued to fall from the boy’s clothing, but the change did not come.

“Ille praemia terminata est.”

Tears filled Zinzio’s eyes and he blinked hard, shaking his head and turning red. He reverted to his native tongue.

“But why?” he shouted. “Why can I not choose the gift of my fathers?”



That does it for the preview! If you haven’t yet gotten the chance to read Starfall or Star-Crossed, find them on Amazon or here on my website: Onward and upward, friends, and I’ll be back next week with something new.


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