I generally update on Wednesdays, but I thought that today being Thanksgiving warranted its own post.  Thanksgiving is a holiday that I love- a first tier festival in my book.  It’s great to see the family, head back home for a while, and to roast the big bird (not THE big bird.  He’s still on Sesame Street, as far as I know), but it’s a wonderful time when most everyone stops and thinks about all the things they have to be thankful for.

So here’s what comes to my mind:

I’m thankful for my incredible family.  They have always supported me, sharpened me, taught me, listened to me, corrected me, and loved me.  Seeing them later today is going to be a good time, and I’m very thankful that I never have to dread the holidays like a lot of people do.  I’m extremely blessed in that regard.

I’m thankful that I’m able to be doing what I love, and I’m only a year and a half out of college.  Spending that last year and a half writing fiction and getting to hold published copies of books that have my name on them has been pretty special.

I’m thankful for my church here in Los Angeles, Reality LA.  Every Sunday I feel as if I’ve been wrapped in a warm embrace, then had a bucket of cold water dumped on my head, and then wrapped up once again before I’m sent on my way.  I always leave more awake than I had arrived, so to speak, and always feeling more loved.

I’m thankful for a roof over my head and terrific roommates.  I’m thankful that ends always meet.  I’m thankful for music when I’m having a hard day.  I’m thankful for dancing when I need to celebrate.

It’s so terribly easy to focus on what I don’t have, or what I still have to accomplish, but on this day I feel as though I’ve taken in a big breath of fresh air.  Being content is a difficult but beautiful thing, and I think that thankfulness is the road that leads that way.  God has given me so much, and certainly more than I deserve.  So I’m thankful.

Finally, I’m thankful for you, dear reader, as you read this now.  Have a terrific Thanksgiving, and may we all use this opportunity to begin a more grateful lifestyle.  Everything is a gift.  Every day is an opportunity.


2 comments on “Thankful

  1. T's Memoirs says:

    Happy thanksgiving to you and your family!

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