The Same Story

I’ve been reading a lot of Longfellow lately.  Some of it is very good, some of it… less good.  But in any case, some of his pieces are very moving and have certainly had a great effect on our culture here in America.  Thus, today’s post is a little ditty I’ve come up with in the style of Longfellow.

The Same Story

The brightest day in full array

While busy men bustle about

One such man, weathered and tan

Approaches a space on the ground


He takes off his pack, lets go of his sack

About to sit on the floor

Surprised he sees the heads and knees

Of those who’ve arrived before


He’s offered a seat, wooden and neat

Facing the gathered alone

He adjusts his bench with arms outstretched

Then sits and takes off his robe


With a sigh, a try, and a glint in his eye

He inspects the little crowd

Nothing is new, it’s tried and true

He breathes before speaking aloud


The story’s the same

The teller old

But young are the listening ears


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