On the Grass by the Sea

For when words seem vain

And damnation is plain

Searching, crawling, gasping

For a way out


But still clinging to the bottom

The grime and the slime sink into your toes

And you think,
“This is where I belong.”


There’s sun above, grass for your feet, and love

But your attempts to climb are half-hearted

Your eyes have always darted

Back to the hole where you started


For when words bring pain

Icing the nerves in your brain

Wondering if you could ever be sane

To lay in peace beside the ocean


See, you were made for the ocean

To walk at its edge in this life

To plunge deep inside it in the next

A hole’s not where you belong, just what you’re used to.


When a rope’s tossed down

You bat it around

Think, “That’s nice,

But it’s not for me.”


Your home is the hole

Black is your soul

And that is where

You decided to stay


I look down my pit sometimes

Even lean down into it, now and again

The pull is there, but in truth I swear

It’s better on the grass by the sea.


For when words are more than they seem.



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