Si Tienes

As is almost always the case, poetry, and all writing, sounds/looks/feels better in the language it was originally written in.  I wrote this in Spanish, and have translated it into English below, but I feel like the meaning only really comes through in the Spanish version.  Take from this what you will, and enjoy.

Si Tienes

Si tienes algo, querida

Lo tendré también

Y si amas alguien

Lo amaré bien

Si pongas tu corazón

Entre mís manos temblorosos

Lo haré el mismo

Y será para ti llevar

Si esperas, también yo

Si rechazas, tampoco, no

Todos tus deseos quiero guarder

Tu querer es mi ordenar

Y si tienes amor

O no lo tienes

Ya lo tengo

Para ti y para mi

(in English)

If you have something, love

Then I will have it too

And if you love someone

Then I will love them too

If you place your heart

Between my trembling hands

I will do the same

And it will be for you to carry

If you hope for something, me too

If you refuse something, I also do

I want to guard all of your best desires

Your wish is my command

And if you have love

Or if you don’t

I already have some

For me and for you


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