I’m not much for that feel

Got a lyric in my mouth and an ache that doesn’t heal

It’s ingested

Illegitimately protested

I’ll be arrested for standing to attest that

The world’s gone crazy and I’m watching it burn

Put the puzzle in their hands but the people never learn

I’ve got a ticket out of here but my flight’s been delayed

So I’m stranded waiting here and the sick and the depraved

Call it normal

But why is normal good?

Single moms and homeless make up my neighborhood

It gets me upset but I’m nobody’s judge

Just a spectator of the planet of a people who never budge


If I have to watch and stay afloat in this tide

I’d like to have you with me holding on at my side

See, ‘cuz you’re stuck here too

Our flights are close in time

If we’ve got to watch it burn I’d like you at my side



Bring out the buckets and the blades

Got no other option than to fight against the blaze

Backup’s on the way but won’t be ending till it’s here

Holding back the raging tide, holding back the creeping tear

The world’s gone crazy and I’m watching it burn

We’ve run the course in circles, won’t the people ever learn?

Some will get out while others will claim

That there’s nothing wrong with courting fire, famine, and flame

Our flights are delayed

Come and sit with me a while

If we’ve got to go out

May as well go in style.


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