A Quick Update and Thank You!

Hey, all.  Before you ask, there will be a normal blog post this Wednesday.  I simply wanted to give you an update on things and a quick shout out.

First off, Starfall is off and running!  There should be some reviewers posting about it soon, I’m told, and responses to the book have all been really great so far.  I’m currently writing the sequel (I wish I could tell you the title right now, but I’m not supposed to, just in case it gets changed later) and it’s going really well!  I’m at a really exciting part in the story, so I find that I’m putting aside more and more things so I can dedicate time to writing this thing.  It’s a blast, and I hope that you all enjoy it when it comes out.  (It won’t be until later this year, most likely.  There isn’t an official release date for it yet.)  Lot’s of exciting stuff.

Secondly, this blog has had visitors every day for the past 15 days now, and it has been read in 11 different countries!  (U.S.A., U.K., Canada, South Africa, The Philippines, Kenya, The Netherlands, Australia, Finland,  Italy, and France, in order of readership)  This is all thanks to you, dear reader, and the incredible support you continue to show for this blog and for my writing in general.  I couldn’t do it without you, and I just wanted to say thank you!  There’s plenty more to come, so keep an eye peeled, and spread the word!  You all are the best.



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